About Me

Hey look it’s a giant picture of my face that’s somewhat outdated.

Welcome to my portfolio website, I tried to make it fairly minimalistic as I’m not a big fan of tonnes of buttons and side menus etc.

My name is Mark Woulfe and I’m a 24 year old Computer Science undergraduate and Games Programming masters graduate born and raised in London. While both courses were heavily programming based I do not see myself as the stereotypical programmer. I believe my time working for a mobile advertising start-up as a technical account manager has honed my client facing and communication skills, and that I am also more artistically inclined often found messing around on Photoshop for the fun of it.

I believe that having the ability to converse well with other teams within a company that are not programmers (artists, product specialists, sales people etc.) is something somewhat lacking in today’s society and that’s the gap I’m looking to fill. I’m easy to work with, humorous, and have the communication skills to get my point across to a wide audience regardless of their tech ability as well as being able to program. I’m a natural born problem solver and if I do not have the know-how to defeat a problem to begin with then I will not shy away from doing the necessary research required to overcome it, also a big fan of documenting known bugs and fixes for future use not just for myself but for others too.

Programming wise I started off with Processing, moved through Java, and went on to C++ and C#. Additionally I have worked with Unity, native Android development, iOS, Arduino, PHP and other web based technologies and languages. I’ve worked for the past year in Unity and would say it along with C# is my most comfortable programming environment. I am comfortable working on both Mac and Windows platforms and have programmed on/for both systems using Xcode and Visual Studios respectively.

If you would like to find out more or ask me any questions then feel free to use the contact details provided below, peace.

Contact Details: You can see my details at the bottom of any page in the footer including my Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Email.