Cannon Smash

This is a 3D cross platform mobile game that I did with a fellow student for our physics/maths module. It was built using Unity and makes use of the 3D physics and rendering that comes with it. The aim of the game is to pick a projectile to fire (all with different masses, sizes and amounts) and to try and knock down three towers of varying materials using the GUI sliders to set your power and angle of trajectory.

The heavier projectiles will do more damage to the towers however you get less of them to fire compared to the lighter ones, making your selection very important.

In particular I worked on the:

  • GUI
  • Mobile controls
  • Sound
  • Menu
  • Camera
  • Firing/aiming mechanism
  • Cannonball properties

The game can be played in your browser here (on a browser that supports NPAPI) and the full report can be seen here