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Unity Custom Editor Sorting Layer Helper

Now that I’m in-between jobs I thought it would be a good time to learn some parts of Unity I’ve never touched before. One of them was custom editor scripts, so I combined that with a helper class to expose all sorting layers in any given scene and came up with this mini-project. The video Read More

Unity C# Deep Copy

In my latest placement at a games company (more on that in a later post when I can talk about things I did in more detail) I often came across the need to write helper functions for things I was doing often. These actually ended up being quite fun to write and I may continue Read More

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Great British Summer Game Jam – Mind Candy

As part of my postgraduate degree I got the chance to intern at Mind Candy for a few months and work on some really cool stuff. One such thing was a Game Jam they hosted halfway through my time there. The theme was the Great British summer and me and a team of 5 other Read More

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UKIE Game Jam 2014 – Regen City

A group of 5 of us from Goldsmiths took part in the first ever UKIE student game jam in which we had about 38 hours to create a game from scratch with the theme regeneration. We used C++, OpenGL and Box2D to create our 2D puzzle platformer called Regen City which see’s the user trying Read More

Global Game Jam 2014

This weekend Goldsmiths took part in the 48 Global Game Jam 2014 and it was hosted by the students on our course. We split into two teams with half of the people using Unity to make their project and the other half using pure C++ once again with the Octet framework. Unfortunately I had prior Read More