Cannon Smash

This is a 3D cross platform mobile game that I did with a fellow student for our physics/maths module. It was built using Unity and makes use of the 3D physics and rendering that comes with it. The aim of the game is to pick a projectile to fire (all with different masses, sizes and Read More

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Volumetric – Final Milestone

Milestone 3 was a bit of a tricky one for us as we were busy with other assignments and had begun interviews at this stage, but we did manage to make some meaningful progress. I began to take a producer type role at this point and held a Skype call where we discussed what we Read More

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Image Quilting & Texture Transfer

This was a group project that myself and Max Morris did together for our 3rd maths assignment using the Processing programming language. It Implements two techniques, image quilting which takes a small texture and turns it into a much larger one seamless one and texture transfer, which takes a source texture and tries to map Read More

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AI Destruction Derby

This was a project I did for my AI assignment and is a top-down, 2D, physics based AI project focusing on steering behaviours. Steering Behaviours were a subject that came up early on the course and one that hooked me from the start thinking about the driving based possibilities. I ended up going for a Read More

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2D Fluid Dynamics

The video above shows and talks about the 2D fluid dynamics project I worked on for my physics module. It is based off of the 2003 paper and code from Jos Stam called ‘Real-Time Fluid Dynamics for Games‘ and extends it to include multiple sources and colours. An in-depth description can be gained from the Read More

Gamifitcation – Business Entrepreneurship

The following was for our second business assignment where we were tasked with creating a company within the games or interactive entertainment sector and creating a new IP with the aim of being successful and being invested in after a 2 year period. My idea was for a fitness gamification company (hence the name of Read More

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Volumetric – Milestone 2

This is the latest update for our engine project Volumetric, we are now down to a team of three. Major changes since last time include: – Perlin noise added in from our second maths assignment (see here) – Silhouette edges added to the voxels making them stand out more – A moon added for the Read More

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Stochastic trees and Perlin noise terrain

This project was done in a group of 3 and was for our second maths assignment where we were given the option of picking any topics discussed in the previous term of teaching. We decided to pick Perlin noise terrain generation alongside stochastic trees and to implement them into our voxel engine created for Volumetric Read More

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Volumetric – Milestone 1

This is for the big group engine/game project that is part of our course. We are a team of 4 and have chosen the option of making a voxel based game called volumetric similar to Minecraft and Cube World in style. We have been working on this for the past couple of months or so Read More

Games Industry Research Booklet

It’s not all coding on this course, we also have a business module and our fist assignment was to carry out research and put together a booklet covering a number of topics in the video game industry. This booklet was split into a number of sections that ranged from researching companies and doing power point Read More

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