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I’ve worked for Zappar for over 2 years now as part of the platform team focusing on their suite of AR tools, ZapWorks. I’ve gone from technical support to technical documentation and now to technical customer success. I’ve been apart of many videos during my time here, but this is my favourite so far.

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Lifeboat Training

During my time at Immerse Learning I worked on a bespoke lifeboat training simulator oil rig company. It had already been started by the time I started and I helped finish it off, polish and bug-fix. It was built using the Unity Engine and was my first real exposure to 3D game development. In particular Read More

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Wussywat Garden Games

Wussywat Garden Games is a collection of mini-games to tie in with the launch of the cartoon on CBeebies. The app was released on the Apple and Google Play stores as well as Amazon and was my first publicly released work as part of my time at PlayerThree. In particular I worked on the pairs, Read More


This was a project I did freelance for one of my University Lecturer’s companies, SoftV. I worked as a software developer prototyping a gamification of a clinical trial aimed at helping recovering stroke patients. The ‘Listen-In’ prototype built using Unity was done in conjunction with the UCL Neuroscience Department and was successfully used in a Read More