This was a project I did freelance for one of my University Lecturer’s companies, SoftV.

I worked as a software developer prototyping a gamification of a clinical trial aimed at helping recovering stroke patients. The ‘Listen-In’ prototype built using Unity was done in conjunction with the UCL Neuroscience Department and was successfully used in a pitch to gain NHS funding.

The prototype sees users gain in-game currency for answering questions correctly which they can then use in an arcade-style coin dropper to try and earn rewards. The questions are auditory based and test stroke patients ability to correctly identify similar sounding objects, something that is hard for them to do. The aim was to create a game around this to make the process more enjoyable and engaging whilst still providing the beneficial medical training.

I collaborated with another developer from UCL to incorporate the core auditory question code into my prototype.

Below you can see some of the different coin dropper stages I created(click to enlarge), the last being used in the final pitch. Further information, screenshots and gameplay footage can be shown on request.