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Wrecking Ball (Box2D/OpenFrameworks)

*The low frame-rate is due to the recording software, the program runs much faster.* This is a tech demo I put together using OpenFrameworks, a version of Box2D, and a GUI library called ofxUI. Made to demonstrate my ability to work with a number of middleware libraries I focused on re-kindling my ability to create a well coded, simple, OOP C++ Read More

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Music Rhythm Game (iOS)

*Skip ahead to 1m57s on the video above to see the actual demo of the app.* This was my final year project for my undergrad course, I had always been a big fan of the rhythm game genre and wanted to try my hand at making my own. It was built in C++ using the Read More

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Arduino Alarm Clock

An alarm clock I made with my fellow student Kenneth Read using Arduino for our physical computing project, for the third year of my undergrad course for which we received a first, above is a video taken and narrated by Kenneth. Below is a description that we put together on how it works: ‘Our project Read More

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