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Music Rhythm Game (iOS)

*Skip ahead to 1m57s on the video above to see the actual demo of the app.*

This was my final year project for my undergrad course, I had always been a big fan of the rhythm game genre and wanted to try my hand at making my own. It was built in C++ using the OpenFrameworks framework combined with Maximilian, a C++ audio library developed by one of my lecturers on the course and supervisor for the project, Mick Grierson.

To summarise the app read in music files, carried out FFTs, detected ‘beats’ in the music, and then created a note chart for the user to tap along to. The more notes the user managed to tap in time to the higher their score would be, the longer they managed to not miss a note the higher their score multiplier would be etc. The app was built for the iOS platform and below is a video of me demonstrating it on my very own iPod Touch.

The full report for the project can be found here in PDF form and the full project can be downloaded here as a rar file.