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UKIE Game Jam 2014 – Regen City

A group of 5 of us from Goldsmiths took part in the first ever UKIE student game jam in which we had about 38 hours to create a game from scratch with the theme regeneration. We used C++, OpenGL and Box2D to create our 2D puzzle platformer called Regen City which see’s the user trying to build a city from the ground up.

My role for the project was producer, artist and sound designer, I had recently become interested in game production and tried my hand at managing the group and also working on all the art and sound used. Managing a project like this was tough given the time constraints but we all agreed on and set milestones to work to throughout the process and reviewed the work after each milestone was reached.

Making sure that we had a first playable early and were always polishing and building on it from that point on insured we always had something to hand in, just in case time crept up on us. In the end we were all happy with what we managed to achieve (we got second place), and while not choosing an existing engine like Unity meant we had to spent more time on the fundamentals, we were proud of the final product.