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Volumetric – Final Milestone

Milestone 3 was a bit of a tricky one for us as we were busy with other assignments and had begun interviews at this stage, but we did manage to make some meaningful progress.

I began to take a producer type role at this point and held a Skype call where we discussed what we could realistically get done in the time we had remaining. We managed to implement:

– Sounds (collaborating with a music student)

– Further variance within the terrain (Water and sand added to the terrain, dirt and stone layers now showing)

– Landscape details (Tress and buildings being randomly generated in the terrain where they fit, trees on grass, different buildings for different areas)

Further improvements could see multiplayer, AI, infinite terrain and much much more, but we were happy with the final product we managed to output.

One of the main changes I wanted to implement was showing more blocks on the surface rather than having to dig down to see them so myself and Max altered the spawning of blocks on the terrain to be determined by the height, water at the bottom, then sand, then grass, then stone and then snow. We also decided to procedurally spawn in some tree’s and buildings based on my designs and have them appear throughout the terrain to make the landscape look less bare, this again was me and Max working together on this.