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Wrecking Ball (Box2D/OpenFrameworks)

*The low frame-rate is due to the recording software, the program runs much faster.*

This is a tech demo I put together using OpenFrameworks, a version of Box2D, and a GUI library called ofxUI. Made to demonstrate my ability to work with a number of middleware libraries I focused on re-kindling my ability to create a well coded, simple, OOP C++ project. It is comprised of a simple crate class that creates a box2d rectangle and applies an image and sound to it and a wrecking ball made from a box2d circle attached to a rectangle via a joint.

The aim is to simply spawn in a tower of crates of user defined height using the menu, and then take control of the wrecking ball by applying a force to it that pulls it back, letting go then releases the ball to smash into the crates. The user also has the added functionality of being able to lengthen and shorten the chain of the wrecking ball for various different collision outcomes. For a more in depth explanation and demo please see the video below:

This demo was made in a couple of weeks using Xcode on the Mac OS and  the code/project can be seen and downloaded from the following repository, GitHub being used throughout for version control. I also put together a 3 page report to go alongside the code which goes into the development process in more depth.